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Comedy Zone Want to settle an argument about the old Morecambe and Wise telly shows? Or hark back to the glory days of Hancock's Half Hour? The BBC give you the lowdown here on 30 or so TV and radio comedy shows - plus postcards, screensavers, games, contests and horoscopes.
ITV Pretty well every aspect of ITV's programme output is covered here: drama, entertainment, documentaries, sport, children's shows, soap serials and (bonggg!) the news. Also seven-day listings for every ITV region.
Radio Times From the mighty BBC, a very full 14-day programme guide. They cover 230-plus TV and radio channels, plus feature articles ...
Blue Peter Amazing what you can do with a couple of washing up bottles and a bit of double-sided sticky tape. Blue Peter's Web site has programme news, the presenters, the pets and, of course, a section called "Here's One I Made Earlier".
The Really Useful Show Companion to BBC1's daily consumer magazine, with all kinds of helpful hints on getting the most for your money and handy tips for making life that little bit better.
Star News Showbiz star features, movie releases, Hollywood gossip, music news - delivered weekly in easy pieces.
Granada Home Technology Electrical-retail arm of the Granada group: rent or buy a TV, video, hi-fi, kitchen appliance, etc on-line here
British Academey of Film and Television The academy do much more than hold glitzy annual ceremonies to dish out gongs for achievements in film, television, children's and interactive entertainment. Here you can find out what they do for the other 361 days of the year.
X-Files X-citing. X-plosive. X-hilarating. That's just the Web site. Agents Mulder and Scully hit the big screen and no X-pense has been spared on its Net promotion, an audio-visual X-perience for fans of the successful TV series.
MTV Cool stuff you'd expect from the 24-hour music channel, tailored for the trendy British Isles - news, charts, competitions, presenter profiles, programme info and so on. Coolest of all is a huge source of rock and pop bands and on-line recording studio
BBC Good Homes You can barely turn on the telly nowadays without seeing someone's house being given a makeover. If you really must do it yourself, here are tips from the Changing Rooms, Real Rooms, Dream House, Home Front and Change That teams. It wasn't knocked up in five minutes by Handy Andy, eithe.
Big Breakfast A generous helping of breakfast-time jokes, japes and jollification with live Webcasts of Johnny Vaughan and the gang. Careful not to get toast crumbs in your keyboard.
Channel 5 Super-slick site from this UK telly station: background information about their major programmes and presenters - plus fun and games for when you're not watching the box.
CNN Interactive Net version of America's 24-hour TV news channel: stacks of stories, brilliantly presented with video clips as well as text and pictures.
The Sopranos The Emmy-winning US drama imported by Channel 4 is by turns violent and funny as it follows the trials and tribulations of Mob boss Tony Soprano and his "waste management" (a neat euphemism) crew. Catch up on the story so far and learn the lingo of the Cosa Nost
Jill Dando 1961 - 1999 Tribute to the murdered "Golden Girl of TV" from her BBC colleagues. You can add your own thoughts on this web site.
Johnny Morris The BBC remember the man who gave voices to zoo animals for generations of young TV viewers. Morris, who has died at the age of 82, was best known as the human star of Animal Magic, which enjoyed a 21-year run.
Sony On Line Sometimes, biggest really is best. From the company that brings you everything from Michael Jackson to Seinfeld to Barbara Streisand, this site has ... everything.
Discovery Channel Online Goldmine for kids tackling that homework project: there's info here, from the deepest ocean trench to the highest mountain - and then some. .
Hollyoaks This British soap keeps bang up to date, dealing with young people growing up, home life and drugs. Meet the cast, catch up with the story so far
BBC Online Complete guide to the BBC's services - UK and worldwide TV and radio - and a look at a range of their web sites, from Animal Zone to Watchdog.
Red Dwarf Official site for the BBC2 comedy sci-fi sitcom, now in its eighth series. Here you can check on the biogs of all the main characters, read an interview with the creators of the cult series, find out how to buy Red Dwarf merchandise and join the official fan club.
Independent Television Commission The body responsible for regulating and licensing most British commercial television - ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, cable and satellite services.
Channel 4 Seven-day listings for this UK television service. Entertainment, education, news, sport - masses of programme information here.
Sky Sports BSkyB put up a lively Internet equivalent of their satellite-TV sports news success. Football, cricket, rugby, golf, boxing, tennis, NFL ... all present and correct.
Empire Magazine Daily news updates as well as reviews, trivia, games and chat on this web site for Empire film magazine.
Teletext News, sport, finance, weather and holidays. Plus you can even check your lottery numbers on this excellent web site