Aerial [15] Curling Martial Arts Skiing, Snow
Archery [100] Cycling Motorcycle Racing Skydiving
Athletics [7] Danball Mountainboarding Snowboarding
Auto Racing   Netball Snowmobiling
Badminton Dog Racing Orienteering Soccer [66]
Baseball Dogsledding Paddleball Softball
Basketball [1077] Equestrian [53] Paddling Speedway [201]
Biathlon Extreme Sports Paintball Squash
Billiards Fencing Polo Surfing
Board Sports Fishing [1] Racewalking Swimming and Diving
Boat Racing Flying Discs Racquetball Table Tennis
Bobsledding Footbag (Hacky Sack) Ringette Tchoukball
Boomerang Football (American) Rodeo Tennis
Bowling [34] Football (Gaelic) Rounders Track and Field
Boxball Golf Rowing Triathlon
Boxing Gymnastics [4] Rugby Tug-of-War
Bullfighting Handball Running Twirling
Camel Racing Ice Hockey [452] Sailing Volleyball
Canoe Polo Horse Racing [19] Sandboarding Wakeboarding
Canoe-Kayak Racing Hurling Sepak Takraw Walking
Cheerleading Jai-Alai Shinty Water Polo
Cockfighting Korfball Shooting Waterskiing
Cricket Lacrosse Skateboarding Weightlifting
Croquet Luge Skating Windsurfing
Curling Lumbering Skeleton Wrestling
Berinsfield ABC Atemi Jutsu    
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