Before contact, the Comanches were part of the southern groups of Eastern Shoshoni that lived near the upper reaches of the Platte River in eastern Wyoming. After acquiring the horse, groups of Comanches separated from the Shoshoni and began to move south sometime around 1700. Other groups followed at later dates up to about 1830. For the next 50 years most groups of Comanches were located between the Platte and Arkansas Rivers in eastern Colorado and western Kansas. Beginning in the 1740s they began crossing the Arkansas River and established themselves on margins of the Llano Estacado (or Staked Plains, so called because it was so flat and devoid of landmarks that large stakes were driven in the ground to mark the trails) which extended from western Oklahoma across the Texas Panhandle into New Mexico.
Comanche By ES Curtis
Comanche Indians By Lee Sultzman
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