Art Galleries
National Gallery The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is the biggest and most famous gallery in the country, and will take you at least a day to see on foot. The website includes a stunning amount of detailed explanations on the works of art therein. You can view many of the pictures themselves plus the story behind some of the more unusual items in the collection.
National Museums and Galleries of Wales The museums and galleries of Wales have got together and housed all their sites under this umbrella. This means that you can virtually visit the lot from one location. All the information is offered in both English and Welsh. Art lovers will be particularly interested in the sections relating to the National Gallery in Cardiff plus the smaller, Turner House Gallery in Penarth. Information on the collections and advice on how to reach them.
The National Gallery
The National Gallery is one of the oldest galleries, was set up to acquire and display portraits of the rich and famous and now houses one of the best portrait collections in the world. Website includes the usual ticketing and travel details. The list of every single painting on show should prove useful for art students and prospective visitors.
Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern Art's based in New York museum has plenty of online information and discussion areas and photographs of the exhibits. Their is an online store
Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Academy of Arts has an animated introduction devoted to the gallery and the Academy's other activities.Gives advice to teachers and students on how they could best use the resources. Information on studying at the Royal Academy .
Tate Gallery
The Tate Gallery Houses collections of British art through the ages and modern art from around the world, the three Tate galleries are among the most respected and popular in the country. This site promotes the galleries in London, Liverpool and St Ives with a mass of information. Most of it is focussed on the temporary collections, which change every three months or so.
Wallace Collection Wallace Collection bequeathed to the nation by Lady Wallace in 1892, and is a fascinating set of paintings, sculpture and other artefacts, dating mostly from Nineteenth Century France. Details of how to view the collection at its permanent home near Marble Arch. Stacks of information on the background of the collection of over 500 paintings which are available for viewing online.
Whitechapel Art Gallery East London