Rudyard Kipling  
A Complete Collection of Poems by Rudyard Kipling Claims to be the entire collection of Kipling's poetry texts.
If Text of this inspirational poem, outlining the ideals Kipling felt it took to be a successful human being.
(Joseph) Rudyard Kipling Brief biography, with texts of Kipling's poems including If, Mother o' Mine, A Tree Song and When Earth's Last Picture is Painted.
Mandalay The text of this poem, illustrated with photographs.
McAndrew's Hymn The text of this poem, with annotations.
The Jungle Book A complete work of all the stories and poems.
The Pilgrim's Way The text of this poem, published in 1918.
The White Man's Burden The text of this controversial poem which sparked many anti-imperialist debates.
The White Man's Burden and its Critics Discussing the political context and controversy surrounding this poem at the time of its publication.