Jean Rhys Jean Rhys was born Ella Gwendolyn Rees Williams on August 24 1894, at Roseau on the Windward Island of Dominica, and died in Exeter, England on May 14 1979. Rhys wrote short fiction and novels, and Wide Sargasso Sea is probably her most well known novel.
A is for Apple is for Mango Too An essay using examples of Rhys' writing, along with other West Indian authors, to demonstrate the effect of colonisation on the region.
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Jean Rhys Essay which primarily discusses the themes in Rhys' writing.
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Jean Rhys and Identity Essay discussing the themes of identity in Rhys' writing, both in relation to her and her heroines.
Jean Rhys Biography A chronography of Rhys' life and descriptions of some of her works.
Jean Rhys 1894-1979 A brief summation of Rhys' life and writing, with a chronological list of when her works were published.
Jean Rhys 1894-1979 Short essay mainly discussing the writing and themes of Wide Saragasso Sea.
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Rhys, Jean Short overview of the author's life.
Wide Caribbean Sea An article from the LA Weekly which tries to convey the spirit of Rhys.
Wide Sargasso Sea Describes how Rhys came to write this book, with links to reviews and reader comments.
Onta Link Note: Researching the links for this page, it was noted that two differing years were cited as the year of birth for Jean Rhys, 1890 and 1894. 1894 was the most common year given.