Christopher Marlowe  
Christopher Marlowe Page Texts of The Tragical History of Dr Faustus and Massacre at Paris available for downloading in Acrobat format.
Christopher Marlowe's Dr Faustus Profile of the playwright accompanies this short essay describing Faustus's yen for forbidden knowledge and the disaster that results.
Differences Between The A and B Texts of Doctor Faustus Essay outlines how the earlier and later texts of Marlowe's Dr Faustus differ from each other scene by scene.
Discovering Christopher Marlowe A biography of Marlowe, and the text of his play, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.
Doctor Faustus: The Plot Summarises the plot of the Elizabethan play event by event.
Renaissance Attitudes Towards Faustus as a Magician Collection of essays about Marlowe's play and the legend it grew from, examining what they say about Elizabethan society and superstition.
Structure of Dr Faustus A scene-by-scene list of events occurring in the play.
The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus Overviews the plot and thematic concerns of Marlowe's most famous play.