Vision2Learn - Wizard on the Web

The Web Wizard course is run by Vision2Learn. and leads to a NCFE Level III Certificate in Telematics. The course supported by online tutors is about how to set up and build and run your own web site. It encompases:

            • HTML and web page design
            • Networking principles
            • Web servers
            • Planning and evaluation
            • E-commerce
            • Intranets

As a Level III course it is at the level of academic and technical knowledge expected of a technician, and it will require you to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject and learn and demonstrate a number of technical skills. This means that learners must be prepared to put plenty of time into their own research other than that which is involved in the course. On completion the student will have a desirable qualification,

Unit One Network basics
Unit Two Developing your network
Unit Three Web Server Management
Unit Four Applying your knowledge in buisness