Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and control emotions, and recognise and respond to those of others. This course provides you with practical techniques to develop and improve your Emotional Intelligence in eight key areas and maximise your effectiveness and impact at work. To achieve your NCFE Advanced Certificate in Personal Effectiveness at Work, you need to complete all eight mandatory units and all the assessed activities. Before you get started, take a closer look at what you will learn in each unit.:

            • Innovation
            • Self-awareness
            • Intuition
            • Emotional Management
            • Goal orientation
            • Empathy
            • Social Skills
            • Accelerated learning

As a Level III course it is at the level that will require you to obtain a deeper understanding of the subject and learn and demonstrate a number of skills. This means that learners must be prepared to put plenty of time into their own research other than that which is involved in the course. On completion the student will have a desirable qualification,

Unit One Innovation
Unit Two Self-awareness
Unit Three Intuition
Unit Four Emotional management
Unit Five Goal orientation
Unit Six Empathy
Unit Seven Social skills
Unit Eight Accelerated learning