PHP Thousands of scripts broken down into useful categories. Also includes lists of tutorials providing scripts, tutorials, and forums
PHP PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML offers an index of client and server side ASP, PHP, CGI, and Java scripts and source codes. Categorized listings include free and fee-based scripts
PHP Street offers scripts, tutorials, job listings,
Evil Walrus catalog of user submitted scripts to help others learn C++, Perl, JavaScript, DHTML, PHP/mySQL - good site takes a few secs to load
PHP. Resource Index Site with complete script, code snippets, documentation and other PHP related resources
PHP.WarpedWeb Free PHP Scripts to download including a search engine, mailing list, user authentication, click tracker and an email archiving system.
Jack's Scripts free scripts
Webmonkey Web Developers Source
Developer Shed Open Source web development tutorials, forums, and tools. Web Programming source
Zend Developers - Tutorials
PHP Builder The Resource For PHP Developers
PHP Kitchen A comprehensive resource for the PHP Develope