Javascript is not compatible with every browser, Javascript can help perk up your pages. There are some early browsers that cannot execute the small embeded scripts and so simply ignore them. It is nice to know that you can enhance one reader's experience without diminishing another's. As of this writing, it is a pretty safe bet to say that about 90% or better of the typical web surfers are using JavaScript enabled browsers. As with any special effect technique, please use these with prudence. The idea is to spice things up, not to lose your content in the sauce.
Andy's Introductory JavaScript Tutorials JavaScript tutorials written for people with no prior programming experiences. Javascript Tricks
Chris's Java Applet Mall Chat and password protection applets.
CookieCentral Javascript demos of setting cookies
Cut & Paste Javascript 200 FREE JavaScripts you can simply paste into your HTML!
Developer Shed Open Source web development tutorials, forums, and tools
Doc Javascript  
Dynamic Drive DHTML code library
Evryware's Java Toolworks easy to add dynamic Java applets to your site
Gamelan Lots of applets and scripts
HotJava for Win95/NT 1.1.2 a modular, FCS-applet aware, extensible, World Wide Web browser written in the Java programming language. The HotJava Browser conforms to Web standards and standard practice. It is designed to be highly scalable and customizable, enabling end-users, service providers and intranet providers to easily tailor it to meet their specific requirements. Like Web pages themselves, the user interface of the HotJava Browser is implemented by HTML and applets, whose behavior can be modified by an ASCII-based properties file.
ITtoolbox technical discussion, job postings, an integrated directory, news
JARS The Java Applet Rating Service. The main focus of JARS is to provide ratings for Java(tm) applets available on the World-Wide Web. Each applet is reviewed by a panel of independent judges who base the rating on a set criteria.
Java Boutique resourcewith more than 100 working Applets
Java Perk Add animations, dynamic buttons, and special effects to your Web pages! Cut and paste scripts
JavaScript Source Excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your web pages. All for free!
Java Script World The advanced web development source
JavaScript Weenie Dynamic online reference to browser compatibility issues of JavaScript objects, methods, and properties.
JDK  Java Developers Kit lets you write applets that conform to the applet API for the Java Programming Language.
Nic's Javascript Page Free Javascript examples that you can cut and paste onto your site.
Online JavaScript Documentation Netscape's Online JavaScript Documentation
Sun's Java Tutorial Online guide to writing programs in the Java language
The TOAO HQ Programs and javascripts which people can add to their site.
Uncanny Programming  Various programming tutorials that the other pages never teach you. CSS, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, and more.
WanderingMan Java Focuses on original articles, tutorials, code, product reviews, editorials and book reviews for Java and Internet developers
Web Design Clinic over 200 Java Applets for free download
Website Abstraction  tutorials on all aspects of JavaScript
Web Source Javascript Snippets
WebMonkey Javascript Code Library