CGI Very useful small collection of free and shareware cgi scripts, Counters, web stats, whois domain name lookup, search engines, form processing, a survey script, a greeting card script, banner rotation
CGI Resource Index Outstanding source for free cgi scripts, resources, reference and documentation, books, freelance programmers, and even jobs.
CGI-City freeware and shareware cgi scripts...counters, web stats, forms processors, banner rotation, guestbooks, cookies, shopping carts, homepage there is section for programmers offering free help, or you can post to the "help needed" section
CGI Scripts is a relatively new company and a lot of their current work has been done around the gaming community.
Cliff's Perl Scripts Designed for webmasters who are looking for free CGI scripts.
Dave's Collection of CGI Scripts 50 free cgi, database management, form processing, guestbook scripts, counters, mailing lists, bulletin boards, site search, HTML validation.
Dave's PERL(cgi) Page Several useful sounding scripts here,
Internet Guide To CGI Scripts huge collection of scripts from around the web. Formally Selena Sol's CGI Script Archive, now a commercial enterprise, the cgi scripts are still free to download. You will find counters, web stats programs, database managers, forms processors, guestbooks, a classified ad manager, a mailing list manager, a shopping cart... Excellent guide to perl scripts online.
Get Perl Both free and professionally made scripts
Matt's Script Archive Excellent collection of free cgi scripts. You'll find everything here... counters, forms processors, guestbooks, stats programs, search engines...
Only Scripts Nothing but Perl CGI and Javascripts
Perl Tools and CGI useful utility-type scripts
Web Developer's Toolbox Free simple cgi scripts that are good for begining PERL programmers. There is a basic redirect script, a finger script, a form processor, a counter, an animation script, and an imagemap script.
Web Developer's Virtual Library selection of cgi scripts and other web development resources.