Card Games
1,000 Blank White Cards invented game in which the players create their own cards and play them on one another.
Blackjack (7)  
Bob Lancaster Gallery of Unusual Playing Cards, The celebration of playing cards, especially those with non-standard jacks, queens and kings.
Bridge [90]   Got Jokes?

Canasta [3]
Card Games rules for card games from around the world.
Card Games Galore how to play many different games. Lay Line - America s Cup Skipper s Game
Card Trick Central ricks that can be done with an ordinary deck of cards.
Cribbage [8]
Cripple Mr Onion rules, modifiers, some FAQs.
Egyptian Ratscrew fast-paced card game for any number of players.
Euchre [2]  
Gin Rummy [2]    
Go Fish [2]    
Hearts [5]    
Pile Game, The java-based card game  
Pinochle [5]    
Poker [27]    
Rook four-player trick-taking card game, more interesting than hearts or spades, but less complicated than bridge  
Sheepshead [7]    
Skat [2]    
Solitaire [3]    
Spades [6]    
Spooneye history and rules of this card game, developed on board pirate ships in the 17th century  
Tarock [5]    
Wingo Dingo logical game.  
Woolly Badger card game with 1 card played per person per hand.