Abbey Ales Abbey Ales the Bath-based brewers tell all about their one and only beer ("golden best bitter," Bellringer) and the brewing process.
Badger Classy showcase for the products of the Badger Brewery, at Blandford St Mary, Dorset.
Becks Becks, sponsors a lot of Art & Performance and this site show that they are proud of this fact, as all current sponsorships are showcased. Not much information on the beer itself but good information on the club for bottle top collectors
Black Sheep Black Sheep Brewery is a kovely guide to the Yorkshire real-ale brewery established by Paul Theakston, whose clan is renowned for the Old Peculier brew.
Beamish A guide to the Beamish Brewery in Cork, Ireland, with some handy hints for landlords on how to keep and pour the dark stuff.
Birmingham-based brewery Beowulf who take their inspiration from the epic poem Beowulf with beers called Wiglaf, Mercian Shine and Wergild.
Boddingtons Boddingtons or the cream of Manchester as it is sometimes referred to, has developed a site that is big on their yellow and back livery. Loads f games and activities which all centre around current advertising campaigns. If your interested in brewing or beer then this site is a must to visit.
Brains Brains South Wales (Cardiff)based brewers who show off their range of beers and list pubs in Wales and the English Midlands where drinkers can happily ask for a pint of Brains without being laughed at....................
Budweiser America's Budweiser brewery puts up a package site that's not all beer and skittles: there's an American football contest and cool gear to buy (includes the Budweiser Label swimsuit).
Caladonian an Edinburgh brewery with an impressive list of award-winning beers, bottled and on draught. You can take a virtual tour, unravel the mysteries of beerspeak and stay up to date with special events.
The Durham Brewery are the makers of such wonderful sounding brews as Sunstroke, Invincible and Canny Lad tell us where we can sample the goods, with a list of pubs (mainly in North-east England) who stock their beers and a history of the company.
Felinfoel Felinfoel a Llanelli, Wales -based brewery which lays claim to producing the first canned beer in Britain in 1935. Apparently the family owners had interests in the local tinplate industry. Info here about their beers and pubs.
Take the London brewers' Fuller Smith & Turner virtual tour of their taverns, hotels, wine shops and brewery without getting that wobbly feeling.
George Bateman George Bateman Real-ale brewers in Lincolnshire, who produce such exotic beers as Aries Aphrodisiac Ale, a beer they say is more powerful than rhino horn. Let's save the rhino, by all means ... make it a pint. Or perhaps two
Guiness Guiness this professional website is beautifully designed and provides a nice balance between commercialism, art and ads. It doesn't matter if you like the stuff or not, this site is a must to visit, for it it displays all their ads which are an art form in themselves. There is a comprehensive history on the company and how the beer is brewed.
Heineken Heineken Lager brewery site refreshes the parts other sites cannot reach. Places to meet, brief history of bars from London and New York to Tokyo and Amsterdam.
Hesket Newmarket Hesket Newmarket an English Cumbrian brewery tells you where you can find their wares (at pubs and beer festivals). And watch out for their award-winning bitter called Dorris's 90th Birthday Ale.
Hopback Hopback a Real-ale brewery in Wiltshire (Salisbury). Hop Back beers have won so many awards, it would be impossible to list them all here.
Iceni History and beer guide for the Iceni Norfolk- England based brewery whose ales have a distinctly Celtic flavour. Their delightfully named brews include Boadicea Chariot Ale, Deirdre of the Sorrows, Celtic Queen and Cu Chulainn
King & Barnes History of King & Barnes this "fiercely independent local family brewery". They've been making real ale and bottled beers for more than 100 years in West Sussex England. Includes details of their beers and where they can be found
Lugton Inn Brewers Lugton Inn offering a selection of lagers and bitters "covering the breadth of Scotland". You can personalise labels on bottles for birthday presents, anniversaries, etc
Morland Morland's 300 years of brewing may have done wonders for their Oxfordshire beers. It hasn't done their website any harm at all: a witty and entertaining introduction.
Newcastle Brown Ale Geordie lads, the Magpies and broon ale - an (un)holy trinity brought together at one site, though sadly for Newcastle Brown Ale little is done with them.
Pilgrim Pilgrim Brewry Real-ale brewers based in Surrey England, commissioned to produce a beer called Royal Gold, for the Queen's Golden Wedding Anniversary
A tour of the Smiles Bristol-based brewery, details of pubs throughout the South-west which sell their beer and info about their different ales.
St Austell St Austell is an independent family firm in Cornwall, in England's far South-west, established in 1851 by maltster Walter Hicks. If you're heading that way, here's a list of dozens of pubs and their phone numbers, plus a guide to lots of their hotels.
Thwaites A potted history of the Thwaites Brewery in Blackburn, Lancashire, a list of beers made there and information on the company's performance
Timothy Taylor Timothy Taylor started brewing beer in Keighley, West Yorkshire, back in 1858. Today the brewery he founded is still producing fine ale under his name - their famous Landlord pale ale was named "Supreme Champion Beer of Britain for 1999".
Wychwood is a brewer of colourfully named beers such as Fiddlers Elbow and The Dogs Bollocks. It also has a nationwide chain of Hobgoblin pubs.
Young's Brewery based in Wandsworth, London SW England ) brewers noted for their splendid dray-horses. Lists of pubs and hotels and summary of their 400-year history. You can do a guided tour of the brewery.
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