Plays of William Shakespere
Not an exciting job but it does a great job efficiently presenting 37 of the bards celebrated plays. Search options allow you to find famous quotes. Plus a glossary of Elizabethan English
Playwrights on the Web
A valuable resource of current playwrights and their websites. Excellent resource also for directors looking for original work.
The Samuel Beckett Endpage
If not the most influential post-war playwright, Beckett was a fine novelist. A season at Londons barbican restored interest in Beckham
Theatre History Websites
The research potential is staggering covering every perspective on theatre studies. It presents a complete and comprehensive account of how the developed down the ages
The Wild Wilde Web
Whilst it does not contain any of Oscar Wilde works, it does guide you through places where you can find them.Loads of quotes and quips
The Internet Classics Archive
Avaluable resource archive on the theatres infancy in Ancient Greece and Rome. Containing over 440 works of classical literature from 60 writers. One drawback you have to subscribe to Britannica Online to access these early playwrights biographies