Salsa Dance events, Lessons, Clubs, and a section for those looking for a dance partner
Cuban Salsa Carnival in Havana Salsa and Afro-Cuban music and dance.
Dance Dreams salsa and casino style dancing on video.
International Salsa Festival
Latin Rhythm Dance Studio merengue and salsa classes in Guatemala. calendar of salsa events in the city.
Olaf's Boston Area Latin Dancing and Music Page clubs and places to take dance lessons.
Planet Salsa academic approach to the rapidly expanding culture of dance and music.
Salsa UK: salsa clubs, teachers, DJs
Salsa Dance Patterns steplists for over fifty salsa dance patterns.
Salsa Dancing in Amsterdam guide to clubs and instructors.
Salsa Lovers Dance School
Salsa Web city guides for local salsa scene information.
Salsa Worldwide music, dance, meet other dancers, and see performances in Los Angeles.
Seattle Salsa Page clubs, instructors, DJs, local bands
Sol y Mar instruction and choreography by master teacher Edgar G—mez.
Strictly Latin Latin dance and music in Toronto and other Canadian cities.
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