Battles and Raids [13]  
Eric the Red [7]  
Leif Ericson [12]  
Viking Culture [23]  
Viking Ships [28]  
Yorkshire, England [5]  
A Timeline of Scandinavian History Centering Upon the Viking Age The dates of major events in the Viking history.
Baffling Viking Artifacts Found in Cave A rare hoard of Viking artifacts found in a cave in Southern Ireland.
Bird Cove Archaeology Project Situated on the Viking Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Fröjel Discovery Programme Archaeological research of the Viking Age harbour at Fröjel.
Maes Howe, Mainland, Orkney A personal account of a visit to this tomb, with photographs.
Recovering the Danelaw The reclamation of The Danelaw, an important and separate part of England, in 1002 by Aethelred, the then English king.
Silver and Gold Hoards Describing the Viking hoards of treasure found in Ireland, with photographs.
Stöng in Þjórsárdalur In 1939 Scandinavian archaeologists excavated Stöng and their findings provided fresh data about the design and construction of Viking long-houses and their evolution up to the 12th century.
The Briese-Bane Vikings Information Centre A list of resources for more information about the Vikings.
The Danish Vikings Article specifically looking at the history of Danish Vikings.
The History of Blekinge The importance of Blekinge during the Viking Era, as a central site in northern Europe.
The History of Hälsingland Important findings from the Viking Era have been discovered here, the most famous one being a large temple that was built to honour Oden - the king of the Gods in Nordic mythology.
The History of Västergötland Most of Västergötland is not in contact with the sea, but there were still some Viking seafarers born here who made trade and pillaged all over Europe.
The Iron Age in Southwest Sweden Archaeology with different topics on the Iron Age.
The Knots of Death An article about a curious design known as the valknut, the "knot of the slain" or, more loosely, "the knot of death" found on Viking monuments.
The Viking Age in Ireland Brief summary of the main points.
The Viking Attacks on Europe Offering an insight into why the Vikings attacked Europe.
The Viking Barrow Cemetery at Heath Wood, Ingleby, Derbyshire The only known Scandinavian cremation cemetery in England.
The Viking Era 793 AD began an era of great expansion for the Vikings, plus related links.
The Viking Expeditions from Central Sweden (700-1000) The causes and effects that the expeditions and Viking culture had on each other.
The Viking Network Web Get to know the Vikings, and opportunities to participate in school projects.
The Viking Network Web An overview of Viking society and history.
The Vikings From about AD 800 to 1100 the Vikings had large settlements in the Stavanger area.
The Vikings The period from 800 to 1050 AD, when the Nordic peoples made their dramatic entry into Europe.
The Viking Saga Looking at the food, ships and settlements of the Vikings.
The Vikings and Norse Influences in Western Europe A brief history of the Viking age in Western Europe: 793-1066 AD.
The Vikings in England The impact of the Viking presence in England.
The Vikings: They Got Here First, But Why Didn't They Stay? The hunt to find evidence that Norse explorers discovered North America 500 years before Columbus.
The Viking Timeline Straightforward list of historical events from 789 to 1066.
The Viking Times Magazine History, news and insights regarding the Vikings.
The World of the Vikings Collection of Viking internet resources.
Viking Archaeology Extensive catalogue of internet resources.
Viking Crosses Photo Gallery Photographs of the crosses with brief descriptions.
Viking Literature: The Icelandic Sagas The place of Icelandic sagas which are narrations of the happenings between the colonization of Iceland and the Christianization.
Viking Millennium International Symposium Norse exploration of the New World, to be held September, 2000 in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Vikings at Foteviken In the Viking reservation people live as Vikings the entire summer.
Vikings in America How the Vikings found their way there, historical sites en route and other resources.
Vikings in the Low Countries History of the Viking presence in this region.
Vikings in the New World Greenland Settlements, the Newfoundland Settlement, the Kennisington Rune Stone, and New World artifacts.
Viking Trail 1,000 year-old Norse settlement at Lanse aux Meadows along the Newfoundland and Labrador trail.
Viking Village Reconstructing Kaupang virtually, and discussing its history.
When Half of England was Viking Discussing the Viking part of England known as The Danelaw.
Yale Researchers Prove Vikings Were Here First How researchers have vindicated the medieval Vinland map's authenticity.