Alexandria Archaeology Museum Volunteers, city archaeologists and students work with citizens and developers to locate sites important to the community's past, and excavate them scientifically.
Baltimore Center for Urban Archaeology Research and excavations in Baltimore, USA.
Echoes From the Ancients View uncovered artifacts in the excavation of Yodefat, a tiny city in the Galilean region of Israel. Examine the geography of the Galilee region. Includes an extensive Instructors Guide.
Five Points Site An images and artifacts exhibition from an archaeological dig of a 19th century New York City slum.
Historical Bottlediggers of Indiana In search of old bottles in the USA midwest.
Kerkenes Dag Iron Age mountain-top city investigation in central Anatolia, maybe even the ancient Pteria.
Little Lonsdale Street Museum of Victoria and the University of Melbourne archaeological dig carried out in the summer of 1987-88.
Mysteries Ancient city in central Turkey which is a site of an ongoing excavation. Educational resources from the Science Museum of Minnesota.
Scott's Privy Page Images of retrieved artifacts and information on urban privy excavations.
University of Maryland Field School in Urban Archaeology Excavation in historic, urban Annapolis.
Urban Archaeology Abstracts 1995 meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists.
Urban Archaeology in Beirut Archaeological findings and details of excavations in the city.
Yavneh-Yam Archaeological Project City of Yavneh-Yam, excavation and focusing on the conflict between Greeks and Jews during the Maccabean period, as well as the Jewish community of the late Roman period.