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Australian Standing Stones This is the first post-Christian array of stones erected in the world, and also the first array built in the southern hemisphere for at least 3000 years.
Carnac The most famous and the largest megalithic site in France, it dates back to some 7000 years ago.
Falbygden - a Place of Sacred Geometry Sweden - discussing the power points of stone circles located here, plus passage graves.
Island of Gotland, Sweden Photograph of a standing stone found here.
Ley Lines: A Theory Discussing ley lines, their possible uses and why standing stones may have been located on them.
Megalithic Pages Discussing theories for the reasoning behind stone formations, with a timeline of structure erection, glossary and photographs.
Megaliths Essay looking at the history and purpose of standing stones.
Neolithic Skywatchers Mapping of standing stones and megalithic structures in the Nubian Desert suggests that the Neolithic nomads who once inhabited the area were not only monitoring the heavens, but recording what they saw in monumental form.
North Salem Dolmen Controversial historic theories of this dolmen's erection, located at North Salem, New York.
Stone Monuments Text descriptions of standing stones in the Orkney Islands, England, Scotland, Germany and Scandinavia.
Stone Pages Stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts - a comprehensive online guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites.
Stones Circles, four posters, stone rows, standing stones, boundary stones and markers - extensive list of sites, each with photographs and a description.
Stones of Italy The standing stones of Fossa and Lu Termine Tramonti, plus giant tombs and various other sites.
Stones of Wonder Standing stones, stone circles and chambered cairns - discussing the nature of these kind of structures, with diagrams.