Atlantis [19]  
Ancient and Lost Civilizations Comprehensive list of ancient and lost civilizations, each with a timeline, map and text description.
Arthur and Archaeology An examination of archaeological excavations at traditional Arthurian sites.
Avalon Discusses the myth of Avalon and its possible locations.
Cadbury Castle: Arthur's Camelot or Dumnonian Capital? Looking at the possibility of King Arthur's Court, whether it was named Camelot or not, being at the enormous refortified hillfort at South Cadbury in Somerset, with illustrations and maps.
Eldorado A description of the historical hunt for Eldorado and what it represented.
Glastonbury: The Isle of Avalon? Reasons why Glastonbury might be the site of Avalon, illustrated with a map.
Harrappa - The Lost Civilization A source for historical and archaeological links about this lost civilisation.
Lemuria A brief description of what and where Lemuria might have been, with other link resources.
Lemuria Features links related to Lemuria, the mysterious Atlantis of the Pacific, also known as Mu.
My Camelot Looking at archaeological and historical evidence at Cadbury for the existence of Camelot.
Search for the Lost Cave People Details the 1997 expedition of an international group of archaeologists into the Chiapas region of Mexico to search for the remains of a little-known civilization that preceded the Maya.
Urartu: Lost Kingdom of Van An essay on the ancient civilization, Urartu, which flourished from the ninth to the sixth century BC, extending from Lake Urmia in the east to North Syria in the west - with maps and photographs.