Dinosaurs [10]  
Alexandria Archaeology Museum Volunteers, city archaeologists and students work with citizens and developers to locate sites important to the community's past, and excavate them scientifically.
Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Italy Collections of Egyptian, prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman and Greek archaeology.
Archaeological Museum, Kibbutz Ein Dor  
Archaeological Resources in Sardinia National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.
Archaeologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Wurttemberg State Museum, Aussenstelle, Konstanz.
Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology  
Center for the Study of the First Americans - Oregon State University Dedicated to the promotion of interdisciplinary scholarly dialogue and research and the stimulation of public interest on the subject of the peopling of the Americas.
Chucalissa Reconstructed prehistoric Native American town archaeological site, and a museum.
Copan Museum, Honduras Featuring virtual reality views of two archaeology museums, the Ball Court, Mayan artifacts, and stunning photos from the museum.
Dickson Mounds Museum Archaeological museum that features ongoing excavations, plus exhibits.
Egyptian Museum in Cairo  
Emory University - Michael C. Carlos Museum Collections spanning the prehistoric cultures of the seventh millennium BC to the twentieth century.
EMuseum: Archaeology and Prehistory All aspects of archaeology and prehistory, with resources, exhibits and information.
Florida Museum of Natural History Environmental Archaeology Program Zooarchaeology comparative collection databases.
Fotevikens Museum Fotevikens Museum is the first to start a Viking reservation in the south of Sweden.
Gold, Jade, Forests: Costa Rica Traveling exhibition of pre-Columbian art from Costa Rica.
Graves Museum of Archaeology Artifacts from vanished cultures, reproductions of Tutankhamen's grave goods in a Egyptian tomb setting, a traditional Turkish house, African masks and fetishes, dinosaur bones, items from ancient shipwrecks, and more.
Heuneburgmuseum Exhibits archaeology of a Celtic town in upper Swabia, Germany. Contains burial mounds, monuments and an excavation site.
Illinois State Museum Extensive collections including fine art, anthropology and natural history.
Jorvik Viking Centre In York, England, the Centre gives visitors the opportunity to travel back in time to the Viking Age.
Kelsey Museum of Archaeology  
Kilmartin House Archaeology and landscape interpretation centre.
London Museum of Archaeology A unique museum devoted to the study, display, and interpretation of the human occupation of Southwestern Ontario over the past 11,000 years.
Maritime Archaeology Museum Artifacts, excavation and preservation of shipwrecks.
McClung Museum: Special Exhibition Maya: Portraits of a People. Looking at the period and culture of the Maya.
Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University Wide range of archaeological exhibits, featuring Egyptian art.
Moncur Gallery Collection of ancient artifacts portraying the earliest history of southwestern Manitoba.
Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History  
Museo Popol Vuh, Guatemala City Featuring archaeology information and images of pre-Columbian Maya art from the Museo Popol Vuh.
Museum of Western Colorado Interests range from natural history and paleontology — dinosaurs — to cultural and social history, Native American pottery, and western firearms.
Peabody Museum, Yale Visit and search through the anthropology collections online.
Smithsonian Institution Lots of information including museums and research centers, libraries and archives.
Templo Mayor Museum This site museum preserves, exhibits and publicizes information on archaeological materials excavated over the course of several seasons of work conducted by the Templo Mayor Project, from 1978 to the present.
The Museums of Sigtuna, Sweden In the new exhibition "Town of Kings, Home of Vikings" visitors can follow Sigtuna´s development and see gold rings, runic inscriptions, coins and models as well as exclusive objects from Russia and Byzantium.
The Pre-Columbian Society at the University of Pennsylvania Museum The role of this society, details of exhibits and events.
UMMA: The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology One of the major archaeological research and teaching facilities in the USA, UMMA's site is designed to make available images and information about selected collections from the Museum holdings.