Viking Ships  
Archaeological Study of a Limestone Sinkhole: Diving in Manantial de la Aleta East National Park, Dominican Republic An initial evaluation of a mysterious sinkhole in the tropical jungle.
Channel Islands Marine Archaeology Resources Marine archaeology programs in California's Channel Islands National Park, supported by volunteer organizations.
Combined Caesarea Expeditions [] Official site.
Discovery Channel: Pirate Ghosts Old, sunken ships and their treasures are telling us about how pirates really lived.
French Underwater Archaeology Mediterranean site exploration, techniques and research teams.
IMAC Digest: Institute of Marine Archaeological Conservation Treasure hunting and diving information.
King Øystein`s Harbour at Agdenes The harbour at Agdenes has quite a special status in central Norwegian cultural history, mentioned in several sagas, and is one of very few localities so far recorded in Norway where wooden constructions are preserved.
L'Archaeologie Sous Les Mers  
Maritime Archaeology Fotevikens Museum carries out maritime archaeology investigations. The main area is Skåne, in the south of Sweden, as this area is of great historical interest around Falsterbonäset.
Maritime Archaeology Museum Artifacts, excavation and preservation of shipwrecks.
National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA) Discover historic ships.
Nordic and Baltic Wrecks and Shipfinds Listed in chronological order by area, with a map.
Nordic Underwater Archaeology Underwater archaeology in Northern Europe.
NOVA: Treasures of the Sunken City Offshore from the modern city of Alexandria in Egypt, a French archaeologist and his team discover the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, underwater.
Scottish Crannog Centre Oakbank Crannog archaeology underwater. Open to the public April through October.
Society for Underwater Exploration Research, exploration and excavation activities around the world. Finding and recovering or preserving underwater shipwrecks and underwater sites of special historical and cultural significance.
Swedish Underwater Archaeology Society A forum for archaeologists, scuba divers, scientists and anybody interested in nautical history.
Thai Underwater Archaeology Details of sunken ships carrying Thai treasures and artifacts.
Underwater Archaeology Nautical, maritime, and shipwreck archeology: Research projects and publications that students and scuba divers are involved in.
Underwater Archaeology in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern German text with an English summary.
Underwater Archaeology in the Azores Portugese and English text.
Underwater Excavations in Egypt Hilti Foundation, of the Martin Hilti Family Trust.
Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology Institute of Nautical Archaeology, includes shipwrecks, surveys, and conservation research, plus resources and exhibitions.
Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association Wisconsin's submerged historic resources. Promotes good shipwreck stewardship and training of volunteers in survey methods.