Ancient Civilisations of the Andes Take a trip back in time, and visit some of the Inca archaeological sites of South America.
Ancient Inca Irrigation Works How an ancient Inca terraced, irrigation system was restored for crop growing.
Ancient Technologies Inca stone building technology, with photographs.
Andean History Quick overview of Andean history featuring the Inca empire.
Chronicles of the Incas, 1540 The Incas from the viewpoint of the conquistador, Pedro de Cieza de Léon.
Descendants of the Incas Preserving the ancient Inca textile traditions.
Discovery of Inca ruins at the Headwaters of the Río Timpía Documents the 1999 Paititi/Pantiacolla Expedition in Peru led by Gregory Deyermenjian.
History of Peru The rise and fall of the Incas, from their origin to the eventual conquest by the Spanish.
Ice Mummies of the Inca An interactive record of an expedition to find Inca ice mummies in Peru.
Ice Treasures of the Inca National Geographic offers an interactive look at the artifacts, customs and beliefs of the ancient Inca. View a map of the Inca region.
Inca A quick history of the origin of the Inca.
Inca Lots of information about the Inca empire, culture and the aftermath of the Spanish conquest.
Inca Photographic library of Inca artifacts.
Inca Architecture Description of Inca architecture with photographs.
Inca Burial Customs Learn how members of the Inca society were buried, plus related links.
Inca Culture Photographic library of Inca city ruins.
Inca Culture The cultural structure of the Inca people.
Inca Daily Life The class structure, beliefs and rituals of the Inca.
Inca Food The three main staples of the Inca diet - sara, chuno and quinua
Inca Gold Sun Mask Photograph of this Inca artifact.
Inca Mythology Learn about Inca myths related to objects in the sky and the Earth.
Inca Pottery Learn about this ancient civilisation through pictures and descriptions of Inca pottery, gold artifacts and masonry.
Inca Recreation Leisure activities and celebrations of the Inca.
Inca Religion Identifying some of the Inca gods and beliefs.
Incas Sacred Capital, Qosqo A homage to the mystical, magical, most famous and oldest city of the American continent.
Inca Terraces, Lake Titicaca, Peru Photograph of Inca terraces.
Inca Trail (Peru) A slide show of photographs from the trail.
Inti The sun god, and believed to be the ancestor of the Inca.
Investigating Inca Imperial Strategies of Conquest and Control in the Saraguro Region of Ecuador Read about the Inca conquest of the Saraguro region in Ecuador in 1460 AD.
Rediscover Machu Picchu Machu Picchu is one of the World's top mystery sites. A complex of ancient ruins located over 2.300 meters high on top of a steep mountain the Peruvian Andes.

Built by Incas, the hidden city of Machu Picchu was never discovered by the Spanish conquistadores, which have raided the whole Inca Empire, inflicting massive damage on the indigenous Andean culture.

Machu Picchu A description of Machu Picchu, with photographs.
Machu Picchu - How They Kept the Secret Explores the riddle of how this centre of Inca culture could hide itself in the mountain jungle.
Paykikin, the Last Inca City An expedition into Peru to search for this ancient Inca city, including an expedition map.
Royal Llama of the Inka A photograph of a rare example of a silver llama figure, and what the llama represented to Inca beliefs.
Saksayhuaman The amazing serpentine Saksayhuaman structure reflects the power and majesty of the Inca Empire.
Secrets of Lost Empires - Inca Dealing with Inca technology, this looks at how the Inca fortresses may have been built.
Secrets of Lost Empires - Inca A transcript of a TV program discussing the Inca civilisation.
Talking Knots of the Inca The Inca data system using quipus - was it used for accounting or to record a wider range of information?
The Civilisation of the Incas Dealing with every aspect of Inca culture and life.
The High Mummies Inca mummies discovered in the Andes, in Chile and southern Peru.
The Inca Empire The Inca geography, history and achievements, plus a list of further reference material.
The Inca Empire A map of the Inca Empire circa 1532.
The Inca Ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru A visit to the ruins, illustrated with photographs.
The Incas Art and Culture A pictorial tribute covering the Inca art, gold artifacts, culture and history.
The Inca Trail A short illustrated guide to the Inca Trail.
The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Take a tour of the Inca trail and Machu Picchu through photographs and text descriptions.
The Origins of the Incas The theories of indigenous and Polynesian origins, with language similarities between the Quechua and Maori.
The Quipu, an Incan Data Structure What quipu is, and why it was used by the Inca.
The Ruins on the Inca Trail Brief notes on the main archaeological sites, with photographs.
Travelogue - Peru The birthplace of the Inca illustrated with photographs.
Tupac Amaru The life, times and execution of the last Inca.