Academic Info Archaeology: Home Page An annotated directory of internet resources.
Ancient Civilisations: Humanity's Lost Heritage Explanation of mysteries found at ancient archaeological sites.
Ancient Sites Directory This well-organised site lists all UK prehistoric sites by region - so if you're going to be in Wiltshire you can organise a tour of all the local sites. Photos and grid references, plus directions on how to get to the sites from the nearest main road or rail link.
Archaeological Adventure Articles, techniques, history, and interactive forums.
Archaeology Dealing with remote sensing, which can be used as a methodological procedure for detecting, inventorying and prioritizing surface and shallow-depth archeological information in a rapid, accurate and quantified manner.
Archaeology Data Service Searchable catalogs.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities The University of California in Los Angeles post employment opportunities available on digs around the world. Most of them require people during the summer months and they're primarily voluntary positions.
Archaeology World  
ArchNet Whether you're digging into ancient Mesopotamia, analysing plant remains, a student of ethnohistory or unearthing pottery, you'll be pointed to the right hole by this all-encompassing resource from the University of Connecticut. It is, quite simply, one of the most comprehensive sites with subject headings for every conceivable sub-discipline, each of these with hosts of links to other universities and websites the world over.
Art History Network History, archaeology and fine art resources on the web.
Bureau of Reclamation - Cultural Resource Activities  
Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall? Maya, Mesopotamia, Chaco Canyon, and Mali and Songhai. What happens when a society collapses, and how archaeologists find and interpret evidence.
Dirt Resource for resourceful archaeologists.
EMail Directory of New Zealand Archaeologists Directory.
Egypt Resources The University of Memphis brings Egyptian artifacts together, from museums and university collections the world over, building into an excellent resource for amateur and professional Egyptologists alike. The obvious advantage is that you can compare a Rameses VII mask from the British Museum in London with a similar piece from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington.
National Archaelogical Database A computerized communications network for the archeological and historic preservation community - is an internationally recognized source of information on public archaeology.
National Geographic Outpost Contact with explorers in the field through e-mails, dispatches, and photographs.
Northern Clans, Northern Traces The discovery of a human ancestor variously referred to as Kennewick or Richland Man has shed light on the complexity of human immigration to the western hemisphere and ignited a controversy that may affect the future of paleoanthropology in the United States.
Outpost: Human Origins National Geographic bring their impeccably professional standard in collaboration between scientists in the field and classrooms around the globe. The site follows a dig in Botswana and South Africa, hunting for evidence of early human life in the so-called Cradle of Civilisation. A carefully structured project, with on-site reports in the Field Journal section, articles and issues for discussion in the Interpretation Station, and resources for teachers and pupils in Tool Kit.
RMS Titanic Inc. Online RMS Titanic Inc is the only company with the rights to recover objects from the stricken liner and their website is fully aware of the commercial possibilities. But it's also packed with detailed information on the liner, how it sunk and previous attempts to reach the wreck.
Robotic Tele-Excavation Tele-operate a robot arm over the net. View the environment surrounding the arm via a sequence of live images taken by a CCD camera mounted on a commercial robot arm.
Theban Mapping Project The Theban Mapping Project are currently working on tomb KV5, hence the URL, and they provide updates on their progress here, alongside a fascinating history of the digs in the area and the regal occupants researchers have already uncovered.
Unconventional Archaeology Interpretations of archaeology.
West Virginia Archaeological Research Library  
Zagarell's Archaeology Page