Alabama Dinosaurs Focussing on Alabama sites, with general background information on dinosaurs.
Desert Dinosaur Hunting Grounds Comprehensive list of dinosaur sites in the North American deserts.
Dinosaurs in New Mexico New Mexico Museum of Natural History's site with many resources about dinosaurs in this area.
Dinosaurs in the Dunes Fossil hunting in the Gobi with the American Museum of Natural History.
Dinosaurs of South Jersey Detailing significant dinosaur discoveries in this area.
Dinosaur Web Guide to dinosaur sites in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah, USA.
Ischigualasto Formation, Argentina Ischigualasto ranks first in the quality, number, and importance of its dinosaur finds. It is also the only place in the world where nearly all of the Triassic is represented in an undisturbed sequence of rock deposits.
Mongolian Dinosaurs in the PIN The late Cretaceous of Mongolia is famous for its dinosaurs and small mammals. Important discoveries made there include the first actual evidence of egg laying and nesting behaviour in dinosaurs.
Operation Dino-Lift Farmington, New Mexico - detailing the find of two specimens of dinosaurs, excavated from public lands.
Polar Dinosaurs in Australia? Discussing Australian species, popularly called "polar" dinosaurs, which seemed well adapted to cooler temperature conditions.
Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite The discovery of rare fossil footprints on public lands near the Red Gulch/Alkali National Back Country Byway close to Shell, Wyo., could alter current views about the Sundance Formation and the paleoenvironment of the Middle Jurassic period.