Blast from the Past! A recently recovered deep-sea core contains convincing new evidence of an asteroid impact 65 million years ago, when dinosaurs went extinct.
Dinosaur Extinction Looking at evidence that an asteroid may have caused the dinosaurs' extinction.
Dinosaur Extinction Focussing on the K/T extinction theory, but also presenting other theories.
Dinosaur Extinction: One More Hypothesis Discussing the possibility of a brief period of extreme heat as a reason for dinosaur extinction.
Dinosaur Extinction Page A number of theories for the extinction of dinosaurs, illustrated with photographs.
Dinosaur Extinction: The Volcano- Greenhouse Theory Exploring this theory for the reason the dinosaurs became extinct.
Dinosaurs' Extinction The hypotheses which have been suggested to explain the great Cretaceous/Tertiary (or 'K-T') extinction.
The Dinosaurs' Last Gasp Examining evidence found in amber for a theory about dinosaur extinction.