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Ahl al Oughlam a Pliocene locality (2.5 million years old), which has yielded 80 species of vertebrates, mainly mammals and birds
Ancient Life Found in Kansas Rocks descriptions and pictures of common fossils provided by the Kansas Geological Survey
Arizona Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology Resource information on fossil sites, geologic formations, and identifications of Arizona's vast array of marine and lacustrine fossil invertebrates
Calcite Palace information and pictures of Tertiary and Cretaceous nannofossils.
Charlotte, the Vermont Whale finding the bones of a marine whale in the fields of rural Vermont is an intriguing dilemma that poses many questions.
Collecting Fossils in California describes fossil collecting sites in California with detailed instructions.
Dave's Eocene Fossils images of Eocene Green River fossils 48 million years old.
Dawn of Animal Life using exclusively Canadian rocks and fossils, this exhibit highlights almost three billion years of early evolution when only simple, soft-bodied creatures inhabited the Earth. From the Miller Museum of Geology.
Dinosaur Trackways and Trace Fossils news about and photographs of a recently discovered dinosaur trackway in Holyoke, Massachusetts
Fossil News: Journal of Amateur Paleontology monthly printed and online magazine devoted to all facets of paleontology
Fossil Vertebrates at the Burke Museum catalogue of fish, amphibian, reptile, dinosaur, bird, and mammal fossils
Fossils and Petrified Wood photos and descriptions of a personal collection
Fossils of New Jersey includes photos and information on amber, vertebrate, invertebrate, and plant fossils from the Cretaceous and Tertiary periods
Greg's Excellent Fossil Adventure California amateur paleontology and fossils sorted by era
Gulf of St. Lawrence Microfossils: Late Quaternary Foraminiferida and Ostracoda site provides a searchable database of 554 images of foraminiferal and ostacod species, and modern distribution data for some of the species
Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument famous for the horse that is Idaho's state fossil.
Kansas Fossils images of Pennsylvanian-Cretaceous fossils
List of Official State Fossils official state fossil for each state in the U.S
Louisiana Fossil Page common animal and plant fossils of Louisiana.
Mesozoic Fishes devoted to fossil fishes from the Mesozoic Era, and to the researchers around the world who study them.
Pennsylvania Paleo Page information and links regarding Pennsylvania's geologic prehistory
Permian Wood Microfossils Exhibit providing images of permian fossil wood, tracheids, pits,and other morphological elements.
United States v. Alan VanArsdale et al. father and son sued over thousands of tiny fossils donated to a museum in 1993.