American Cichlid Association About membership and benefits.
Appalachian African Cichlid Club Enthusiasts in the Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia areas
Cichlid Fishes of Lake Malawi FAQ's about Malawi cichlids and their classification, species flocks, and the Lake itself.
Cichlid Recipe, The Concise information about African Cichlids, organised by genera.
Cichlid Research Research into Cichlid
Desktop Cichlids: The Shell-Dweller Recipe Instructions for the set-up and care of shell-dwelling Lamprologus and Neolamprologus.
Evolution of Lake Malawi Cichlid Fish Evolution of Lake Malawi Cichlid Fish
Fish Link Central Cichlids Collection of links
Greater Chicago Cichlid Association Membership information, events calendar, fish of the month, and newsletters
Ohio Chichlid Association

Promoting the interest, keeping, study, breeding, and educational exhibition of the fish.

Oscar Study Page Discussion of this popular Cichlid, in the home aquarium.
Stan and Rae's African Cichlid Primer Reference for beginning cichlid aquariums. Links to other cichlid pages and newsgroups
Sydney Cichlid Page, The Keeping of cichlids, and the top 15 aquariums in Sydney.