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African Bird Club  
Avian Annually updated videos of rare birds in Norfolk. Ebgland
Birding 50+ discussion groups covering most breeds and rare birds. An excellent geographical birding guide
Birdwatch Magazine  
Budgie All the shows
Budgerigar World An exhaustive list of breeders around the world
Budgerigars Galore  
Kent Ornithological Society  
National Birds of Prey Centre  
Neotropical Bird Club  
Oriental Bird Club  
Ornithological Society of the Middle East  
Parrot Society UK  
Raptor Conservation Web Site  
Australian Birdman resource for information on Australian birds.
Avian Medicine educational library of bird health care information.
Avian Resources designed to provide resources to pet owners and aviculturists.
Aviary, The birding and pet bird information, books, articles, magazines, equipment, and gifts.
Bird Chat Groups  
Bird On! news, facts and pictures of wild birds, including verbatim press releases
Bird Web at Conoco Natural History Centre  
Birdfeeder, The beginner's guide to attracting and feeding wild birds.
BirdQuest Project array of K-12 inter-disciplinary wild bird projects. Explore the fascinating creatures that soar through the skies
Birds Birds Birds info on wild birds and how to attract them to your backyard
Birds Down Under Australian bird, environment, and cultural information.
Caring For Your New Bird for those who want to take proper care of a new pet bird, or one they already own.
Dan Cowell's Game Bird & Waterfowl Pages dedicated to the many species of waterfowl and upland game birds that are kept in aviculture.
DickEBird News newspaper devoted to birding and birdwatching.
Exotic Birds dedicated to those who have an interest in birds, from the amateur hobbyists to the professional breeder.
Feather Trade and the American Conservation Movement Smithsonian virtual exhibit on the trade in bird feathers, its impact on bird populations, and how it helped spawn conservation movements.
Flightlines newsletter of the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme.
Flights Of Fancy information on birds, bugs, and more
Heavenly Feathers dedicated to pet birds of all types.
Introduction to the Aves information on the fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics, and morphology.
John's Birds chat, bird board, and stories
Leah's Bird Den information and pictures of many types of birds kept for pets.
Life of Birds by David Attenborough bird intelligence, evolution, records, family life, and songs at this PBS series companion site.
Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries eductional program for following migrating birds using satellite telmetry
Mynah Birds message board, photographs, care information, and more
Native Songbirds in Color and Sound photographs with RealAudio sound recordings of each species' song.
New Zealand Birds bird watching information as well as a gallery and journal dedicated to the birds of the region.
Nita's Nest pictures of budgies, cockatiels, finches, and canaries. Also has info page for the first-time bird owner
Obsolete English Names of North American Birds  
Ornithology WebSite bird conservation, ecology, and education. Bird videos, online birdwatching, and resource list.
Parrot Talk Connection book stores, chat, food sources, vets, and more
Pet Bird Page, The descriptions, pictures of pet parrots and other bird
PetStation's Bird Barn articles, photos, and much more about all types of pet birds.
Potty-Training Your Pet Lory how to potty-train your pet lory without causing yourself any grief
Sound Waterbird Monitoring project to link a network of sites where marine birds of Puget Sound will be surveyed by local naturalists using standard methods
Spatial Patterns of New Zealand Bird Diversity maps and lists of native and introduced species.
Stanley's World just birds
Suzume Photo Gallery pictures of Pintails, Ducks, Seagulls, Cormorants, seabirds of the Galapagos, and other birds.
Up at Six info on pet birds
You Know You're a Bird Person When...  
Zoonomen current valid scientific avian names.
FAQ - Pet Bird Index  
Albatross Project, The join scientists using sensitive satellites in space, miniature transmitters on birds, and rapid email communications to investigate the travels of albatrosses on the open ocean
Button Quail bulletin board, care and feeding, and other information
Common Swift (Apus apus) photographs, care instructions, and a discussion forum
Nature: Bower Bird Blues learn about this accomplished avian architect that has long fascinated scientists with its remarkably complex courting behavior
North American Bluebird Society incorporated non-profit organization determined to increase the populations of the three species of bluebirds on the North American continent.
Wintering Piping Plovers and Other Things  
World Hornbill Network working to ensure informed and sustainable conservation of all hornbill species.